About Amenti

Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

Amenti Oracle is a unique, visionary series of oracle card decks that offer ancient wisdom for the modern world.

With an aesthetic, and ethos we've playfully dubbed as 'esoteric New Wave', Jennifer Sodini's contemporary articulation of the perennial philosophy is woven together by Natalee Miller's soulful, and inspiring artwork.
The first of the series, Feather Heart, finds its muse in the 42 Ideals of the Egyptian goddess, Ma'at. The cards aim not to divine the future, but to allow the messages to be the medium, which inspires the reader to live fully in the now, with a light heart, heightened consciousness, and to embrace ideals over idols.

Amenti Oracle is being published by Running Press, and will be available for purchase in Spring of 2019.

About the creators

Author: Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini is a creative and resourceful conscious media entrepreneur hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey.

She is the founder of Evolve and Ascend, a media platform dedicated to inspiring conscious evolution, Phenomenalisms, a curatorial platform featuring thought provoking creativity, and other highly successful media verticals

Jennifer is a contributing writer to many top conscious media platforms, such as Watkins MagazineConscious Lifestyle MagazineCollective EvolutionDMT: The Spirit Moleculeand The Know Culture.

Her modern adaptation of the Seven Hermetic Principles went viral on Facebook, receiving over 2 million views

Jennifer consults with many conscious media brands seeking to develop their digital presence and grow highly engaged online communities focused on the mind, body and spirit. 

Jennifer has given talks about the dynamic connection between creativity and spirituality at events, such as WITMA, PEX, NYC*Gratitude, Lucidity Festivals, and East Meets West.

She has also provided oracle readings for thousands of people, and her work in this realm helped to inspire the Brown Magick oracle deck. Most recently, Jennifer provided oracle readings on VH1 for the final five contestants in Season 23 of America’s Next Top Model

She has also made a guest appearance on the forthcoming series, The Secrets of the Church, where she discussed esoteric perspectives of the devil and non-duality.

More than anything else, Jennifer recognizes the value of the creative imagination to help empower and inspire us. As a conscious entrepreneur she believes—and knows—that heart-centered leadership is the future.

Artist: Natalee Miller

Natalee Miller is an East Coast native working and creating in Chicago, IL.

Her work is greatly influenced by her childhood, 80’s and 90’s sub-cultures, nostalgia, art nouveau and art deco, ancient civilizations, astrology, hand drawn animation styles, and vintage poster design.

Despite having spent just two years drawing and painting at Boston’s School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, she considers herself primarily self-taught.

Her mission is purely expressive- to convey the often serious experiences, emotions, and energy of the female experience through bold lines and color, leaning heavily on themes of the Divine Feminine and mysticism with a dreamy pop art delivery.

She is currently creating a 78- card hand drawn tarot deck and a 42 card oracle deck