Amenti Oracle's Spread of the Week: Inspired by Rythmia Life Advancement Center

This week's Amenti Oracle Spread of the Day is inspired by Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.
Rythmia is the world's first medically licensed plant medicine facility and works with sacred entheogens to help you heal your heart, and become the person you've always hoped to be. 
During Rythmia's healing ceremonies, you are suggested to carry the three intentions below in order to connect deeply to your higher self and align your presence with your path.
  • "Show me who I've become."
  • "Merge me back with my soul at all costs."
  • "Heal my heart."
In applying this wisdom to today's Spread of the Week as we shuffle the cards, let us carry the ethos of these intentions into our reading.
This spread may be used with the oracle or tarot deck of your choice but is ideally meant for the Amenti Oracle deck, which will be debuting everywhere books are sold on 5/14. 
After shuffling, pick four cards in the way spirit guides you, and lay them out in the following template.
Until next week, feather-hearted friends. xo