Amenti Oracle's Spread of the Week: The Three Alchemical Principles

Alchemy is the sacred science, which studies the correspondences within the spiritual and physical worlds - in order to bring heaven to earth, merging above with below, and within + without.

From the one universal mind, come the three alchemical principles, which allow us to see how the four elements can relate through our five senses, seven chakras, and the planetary bodies/natural worlds.

For today's spread, we find inspiration through the lens of the alchemist, as we seek to find a deeper resonance within, by looking at the experiences "without".

The three alchemical principles are sulfur, which is the soul/consciousness/awareness; mercury, which is spirit/mind; and salt, which is the body/structured thought.

The philosopher’s stone, which is believed to be the elixir of life that unlocks immortality or the greatest “gold,” is the coalescence of these characteristics, the idealized manifestation of the "great work", the magnum opus.

With this in mind, the three prompts to ask today as you shuffle, and pull your cards are...

  1. What do I need to work on embodying? *Connecting us to salt (body/structured thought).
  2. How can I best refine my active thinking patterns? *Connecting to sulfur (conscious awareness).
  3. What should I meditate on to connect deeper to spirit? *Connecting to Mercury (spirit/mind).

Feel free to comment and share what comes up for you!


Until next week, our feather-hearted friends. xo