Ma'at as a Living Philosophy

Ma'at is an ancient Egyptian goddess (Neter) who was the "avatar" of order from chaos. The regulator of the stars, and seasons, and witness to the actions (or inactions) of humanity, the ostrich feather placed atop her headdress was the measure by which the soul was weighed after death in the Hall of Judgment.


As a living philosophyMa’at is a level of consciousness that revolves around a formula of Love (the heart), under will (conscious attention)...a balance of heart and mind. Actionable discernment with the intention of honesty, authenticity, truth, and morality, all while understanding the interconnectedness between every living being as reflections within the great cosmic mirror. 

If we view the time we spend on planet Earth as a school, where we are taught by experience, and shaped by the programming we receive from what we surround ourselves with, each moment may be measured, and understood, through the evolution of our awareness.

The principle of Ma’at teaches us the key to awareness through balance.

If we are able to remain centered, with hearts as light as Ma'at's feather, composure may be kept with a discerning mind, by grounding in the intelligence of the heart-space in every moment. 

Living as an idealized soul, our feather-hearted spirit may create Heaven on Earth through the embodiment of Ma'at's energy and archetypal nature. 

From Ma’at Magick by Nema:

“Once you comprehend your True Will and begin to work on it, you’ll draw people to you without conscious effort. Some will have interest in action congruent with your own, others will diverge, and still others may oppose you. In all cases, you’re obliged to help each one’s spiritual evolution, according to individual need. This does not mean that you should do other people’s work, or even imply that you could. The most you need to do is teach by example, suggest reading material, and raise as many questions as you answer.”