These Sacred Tibetan Thangkas Feature Divine Healing Mudras

Urgyen Sonam is a world-renowned master silk, thangka artist, who was born in Eastern Tibet.

Having spent his childhood traveling to sacred sites by foot, he eventually found his way to India, where he became a monk, specializing in ritual music and chanting. 

His natural affinity to the arts directed him to undertake a five-year apprenticeship with The Dalai Lama's personal thangka maker and textile artist, Phuntsok Tsering.

Thangka Art

Thangka is a special type of devotional art, which uses techniques of appliqué and embroidery on fine silk, in order to create beautifully refined works relating to Buddhist iconography. 

In the series below, Sonam explores the spiritual practice of mudra on silk appliqué works of art. 

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Sacred Tibetan Mudras

Dhayana Mudra: Gesture of meditation


Namaskara Mudra: Gesture of greeting, prayer, and adoration


Dharmachakra Mudra: Gesture of teaching


Vitarka Mudra: Gesture of intellectual argument, and discussion


Karana Mudra: Gesture with which demons are expelled


Vajrahumkara Mudra: Gesture of embracing, symbolizing the union of method and wisdom