Spread of the Week: Connecting to Unity Consciousness

Khemitology, founded by the late "Keeper of the Keys", Abd'el Hakim Awyan, is a school of ancient esoteric Egyptian teachings, which offers a higher dimensional perspective of the great mysteries hidden within Egypt's sacred sites, and philosophies. 
According to Awyan's perspective,
"The people ancient Khemit...became the original 42 tribes of Africa who, recognizing their connectedness to all that is, lived together in peaceful co-existence. People we now refer to as Hebrews, Tibetans, Russians, Europeans and the many tribes of our Black African Nations, were all, according to the indigenous tradition, originally tribes of ancient Khemit.  This tradition also holds that the borders of ancient Khemit stretched much further than what we know of Egypt today, spanning deeper into Africa, and into Mesopotamian and Mediterranean lands.

These were highly advanced people, who, utilizing 360 natural senses, were capable of great feats of manifestation, alchemy, and trans-dimensional journeying. They had no need of a written or oral language or the confines of labels, and lived resonantly with the rhythms of their natural environment and the cosmos."

Source: Khemitology.com

This week's Amenti Oracle Spread of the Week takes a look at one of the lessons within this sacred mystery school's teachings, as popularized on the series Pyramid Code, which looks to the energies of the masculine and feminine as realms of consciousness beyond gender. An idea hidden in symbols, and actualized through becoming a fully awakened being. 

"Light and darkness, life and death, right and left, are inseparable twins...But those who transcend these apparent opposites are eternal; worldly names are full of deceit and delude our minds." - The Gospel of Philip, The Gnostic Gospels

Horus Osiris Isis

From left: Horus, Osiris, Isis

Feminine consciousness is believed to be connected to the right side of the brain, and the left side of the body. The energies relating to this realm connect to the faculties of intuition, creativity, art, magic, non-linear time, and dreamwork.

Masculine consciousness is believed to connect to the left side of the brain, and the right side of the body. Energies relating to this realm connect to logic, linear time, history, science, mathematics, and waking reality.

In merging, and balancing both hemispheres of the brain, higher consciousness emerges. The two become one, and from the space of one, we are able to connect to the wisdom within the one mind or unity/cosmic consciousness.

"'Make the two into One and the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner, the above as below, the male and female into a single One. So the male isn't male and the female isn't female any more. When you make two eyes into a single eye, a hand into a hand, a foot into a foot, a picture into a picture, then you'll enter the Kingdom.'" - The Gospel of Thomas, The Gnostic Gospels

For today's spread, let us synchronize both hemispheres, and unify with the lesson that emerges from this space.

Card 1: How do I connect deeper to, and balance the feminine space of consciousness within mind?

Card 2: How do I connect deeper to, and balance the masculine space of consciousness within mind?

Card 3: How may I balance and merge duality into oneness, so that I may evolve into a greater being, and see the world from a perspective of unity?

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