Spread of the Week: Love is the Fifth Element

With Valentine's Day coming up this Thursday (2/14/19), we've imbued this week's Amenti Oracle spread with love and the intention of connecting to love in the highest possible sense.

This particular spread relates to the four elements, but also the notion of love, being an element in and of itself.

For those of you who've seen the sci-fi classic, The Fifth Element, images of Milla Jovovich as Leeloo (one of the Supreme Beings of the Universe) immediately come to mind.

Art by Amenti Oracle's illustrator, Natalee Miller

Although the film is filled with camp and incredible costumery, there's also a deep esoteric message in the notion of Leeloo being the "Fifth Element", as she represents the perfect being - a being who is activated in the fullest sense through love. Through her activation, she's able to save the world from complete destruction, allowing the light of love to shatter darkness dead in its tracks.

With this imagery (and inspiration) in mind, the queries in today's cards are designed to activate your highest love and light, shattering darkness, and allowing creativity to reign supreme in all you feel, touch, sense, and see.

Spread of the Week: Love is the Fifth Element

Card 1: What do I need in order to stay grounded, and connected to the Earth?

Card 2: What do I need to remember in order to remain connected to my breath, allowing the everpresent energies of Air to envelop my emotions when I feel disconnected from love?

Card 3: What should I ignite more of in my life, in order to feed the Fire of my deepest desires?

Card 4: How can I remain fluid in times of conflict, so I can continue to navigate my journey of life with the power of Water (as a metaphor) in mind?

Card 5: How can I best embody love as an action - a being, doing, seeing, feeling and revealing of my highest purpose for the benefit of all beings?

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