Spread of the Week: Seeking Forgiveness During Mercury Retrograde

This week's spread is all about FORGIVENESS!

"I Am Forgiving" is the 28th Ideal of Ma'at, and oftentimes can be one of the more challenging practices to incorporate into daily life. 
When we react to perceived wrong-doings with anger and hold onto resentment, we only fuel our energy body with toxic rage, and from that space, we tend to attract patterns and situations that chains our true nature to a lower level of space of awareness.
The age-old adage, "to err is human, but to forgive is divine" is a potent reminder in the journey towards self-awareness, because part of being human is making mistakes, and it's important to remember the lessons in those times. Nobody is perfect, nobody is free from error, nobody is free from cringe-worthy moments that make us look back and say WTF was I thinking? In the moments we f*ck up, we can uncover unforeseen strength in the times of "weakness", if we learn to love and forgive ourselves, wholly and fully.
Mercury Retrograde energies usually dredge up uncomfortable feelings, and toxic gunk from the past, and because of this pullback, its easy to dive into a tailspin of reflection, pondering, and overthinking about what was, so much so that we can lose sight of what is. 


So today, be here now. 

Let go, love, and forgive. 

Forgive, let go, and love.

Card 1: How can I best forgive myself for the past?

Card 2: How can I currently forgive myself in the present moment?

Card 3: How may I retain a forgiving heart, mind, and spirit in the future?

Card 4: What do I need to remember when I am too hard on myself?

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Until next week, friends. xo