Spread of the Week: Syzygy + Uniting Paired Opposites

On Friday, March 22nd, the second season of The OA premiered, and we spent the weekend binge-watching every episode.

Without giving anything away, during one of the episodes, the word "syzygy" wound up playing a huge part of the theme and was a key to unlock a major mystery.

Since hearing the word, we haven't been able to get it out of our thoughts, so we themed this week's Amenti Oracle spread around the concept.

The word/philosophy behind syzygy has a few layers to it, according to Wikipedia:

With all of this in mind, here is the layout and prompts for this week's spread!

CARD 1 (Representing LIGHT): What do I need to bring to light, in order to find a deeper connection to an illumined heart?

CARD 2 (Representing SHADOW): How can I work with my shadow, and find a lesson in the darkness?

CARD 3 (Representing COSMOS): What is the over-arching cosmic lesson I am destined to learn this week?

CARD 4 (Representing EARTH): How can I synthesize all of this insight, and find grounding - bringing heaven to earth?

Feel free to tag us on Instagram with your results, and we will be happy to share your posts in our stories!
Until next week, friends. xo