Surreal Documentaries Offering Deep Insight Into Esoteric Spirituality

When it comes to exploring the esoteric realms of spirit (and science), navigating the dense material can be somewhat of a daunting task. Dutiful study, contemplation, and meditation are all par for the course for the practicing occultist. 

However, sometimes the density can dissolve if we find the right type of media, which sparks the imagination, and allows the content at hand to become digestible, relatable, and even awe-inspiring. 

The curated selection of YouTube videos below, offer insightful, and quite unique, cinematic journeys through esoteric knowledge, occulted wisdom, and the secret teachings of all ages.

Which did you resonate with most? Share your thoughts and let us know any suggestions we may have missed!

These Soothing, Insightful, and Psychedelic Documentaries Offer Deep Insight Into Esoteric Spirituality

The Kemetic Creation Story

A beautifully animated, and soothing journey through the creation and evolution of the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses ("Neters"). 


Based upon Theosophy (SEE: The Secret Doctrine) this documentary focuses on the evolution of consciousness over millions of years while revealing the secret chronology of human history from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis to our current age, while following the natural cyclic deluges throughout the course of time's cycles.

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