Amenti Oracle Email Reading with Jennifer Sodini

Amenti Oracle Email Reading with Jennifer Sodini

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Are you looking for answers and aren’t sure where to turn?

Do you feel in your heart, mind, and spirit that there’s something more, but aren’t sure what that more is?

Receive clarity and insight with an Amenti Oracle email reading with Jennifer Sodini.

This reading includes an in-depth exploration of the matter at hand, and how to move forward, empowered, aware, and aligned with your highest intentions.

Upon check-out, please include your full name, date of birth, time of birth (if available), and ONE question or area of your life that you would like more insight on. If you've ordered multiple questions, please list questions according to your order quantity.

This order is for an EMAIL reading only. Phone or Skype readings are currently unavailable at this time.

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